The stagnation in the building sector require
deep strategic renewal.



The slow-down in the building sector along with the international financial downturn and the situation in Spain with regard to credit restrictions and lack of liquidity in the financial sector have caused the sector to come to a virtual standstill as far as construction is concerned, even for industry.

According to the BBVA’s research department, the economic situation especially in the construction sector will continue for some years, although they do not say exactly where a turnaround is foreseen. Research is based on the following forecasts:

  • High unemployment
  • Real disposable income lower than in recent years
  • Slight improvement in accessibility to housing, as prices continue to fall
  • Restrictive conditions for obtaining credit: the level of mistrust in the financial sector can be seen in the interbank market and in debt management for firms in the sector

In this situation, companies in the sector have to confront complex situations in different management fields such as finance, commercial effort and short and medium term strategic orientation. Key support for these companies can be found through the assistance of experts with wide knowledge of the sector. Actions such as viability plans, liabilities management to minimise debt repayment in the short term identifying new business opportunities, diversifying activities, making the company international, rationalising resources and assets and optimising the organisation of the circulating capital are key in the repositioning of these companies.

Our continuous collaboration with companies in the sector in different areas allows us to offer a service proposal adapted to the sector and bring value directly to the companies in different management fields.


In the identification of potential markets and/or businesses, at home and abroad.


While making business and viability plans to ease medium term management with financial institutions and ensure better management of liabilities in the short term.


Adapting the organisation and business to strategic priorities, adjusting fixed costs to company reality and detecting problems:


Identifying the major areas for improvement in building control and cost management, raising the company capacity to manoeuvre in the works margin.

Marketing and sales

Implanting sales management methodologies and designing short and medium term sales plans to ensure a return on commercial and publicity expenses.