Working at Foqus

We make strategic consulting aimed at creating value for our customers.


Foqus is a firm of consultants dedicated to value creation for their clients, among whom we find the major venture capital firms as well as small and medium sized companies which are sector leaders.

Our challenge is to focus complex, under-structured problems towards unique and innovative solutions thanks to the multidisciplinary experience of our working team. The methodology we use includes market studies, the identification of levers for value creation, analysis of the situation with regard to competitors and opportunities as well as well known methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.

Foqus works from an independent perspective so we always taken objective view of each client. We believe in talent, and we bank on on-going training and obtaining measurable results.

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Our working teams are made up of managers with ample experience as well as junior and senior consultants with the continuous involvement of a company partner.

The shareholders at Foqus all have higher degrees and post-graduate qualifications from some of the most prestigious universities world-wide, careers in major strategic consulting firms and have held responsibility posts in a variety of companies.

The consultants and managers are graduates of prestigious Spanish and European universities with postgraduate qualifications.

If you would like to become a consultant and you empathise with the Foqus corporate philosophy, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for professionals like you.