Added value


Direct participation in strategic consulting projects of differing sizes and types of operation.
Teams specialised in the creation of value for companies and in problem solving, able to make strategic reflections aimed at the day to day operation. Specific sectoral and functional knowledge which are of use from day one.


Well trained teams with wide ranging experience in strategic consulting and operations, led by professionals from top level consulting firms and important posts in industry. Objective and ethical vision, impartial with shareholders and management. We have an executive vocation on all types of decision-making; strategic and operational as well as financial. Multi-disciplinary teams to enrich the service we can give to our clients, providing creative business solutions.


We accompany our clients along the whole journey and value chain: from the strategy phase to the implantation, including operational projects, financial solutions and Project Management. A close relationship with our clients helps us know where to create value for the company. Foqus has developed business solutions in different fields.