Strategic consulting

We deliver results by offering a comprehensive and high quality service.


Our services

Our end products are strategic and viability plans which are carefully analysed, discussed and agreed upon with our clients. They are based on contrastable information and structured in precise, measurable, scheduled actions with an individual responsible for each of them.

Strategic plan

A company’s strategy has to be directed towards capturing value from the competition, clients and suppliers; to gain in market share or make selective alliances to increase the potential size of the market. Unstable times in fact offer a lot of opportunities, which we help to identify using the tools developed in the exacting strategic plans.

Diversification strategy

At Foqus we assess our clients on the diversification strategy best suited to the market growth potential, the company strategy and capabilities.

Growth strategy

To define a growth strategy implies establishing action objectives and priorities with clear horizons in time. To be able to develop a growth strategy successfully in times of recession requires an innovative strategy, in both capacity development as well as the ideas themselves. The success of the growth strategy lies in a combination of three factors: the market opportunities, the company capacities and the management leadership.