Organisation and people

We help our clients achieve better results by ensuring that they have the appropriate organization.


Any business needs high performance organisation if it is to obtain good results. To plan a successful reorganisation first we must run an exhaustive diagnosis based on fact and data to help the management team translate large quantities of information into date that will allow us to establish a starting point from which to make the organisational change. Secondly, along with the management team we decide on the leverage needed to build the new organisation in terms of structure, systems and processes and we establish the change plan for distinct areas.

At Foqus we help our clients get the best results by ensuring they have the best possible organisation. The reorganization process is not only an organisational change but also requires knowledge management to get the best out of the talent within the human team That is why we also use specific coaching techniques to develop the competence and skills. Talent management and the professionals’ commitment are fundamental stepping stones needed to reach company objectives. This is why the HR departments’ management strategy must work in line with that of the company.

The design of an efficient organisation means identifying posts, functions, and also the responsibilities each must bring to make the company a success. At Foqus we work with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business so we can implant the best objectives system in a pragmatic way, in close collaboration with the management while incorporating organisational culture into each company.