Company restructuring

We review the strategic and operational aspects to identify levers that can reverse the negative trend in the accounts.


At Foqus we have designed a methodology focused on providing a global solution for clients needing to embark on the restructuring of their company. We revise all the strategic and operative aspects to identify levers which could be having a negative effect on the company accounts. Once these have been established, we establish the actions to be taken and support the Management team in the implantation of the said measures.

One of the most common scenarios in restructuring is that of improving the bottom line. Depending on the nature of the project, the case can lean towards optimising operations, a reorganisation of commercial or marketing processes or a reorganisation of company structure.

Sometimes the company needs to improve the working capital, for which we have to evaluate the optimisation of the cash in circulation, a restructuring of the product portfolio or a revision of the general company strategy.

When the case in point is the need to define a viability plan to acquire refinancing, we direct the focus towards the creation of a clear and realistic business plan for the business to present to financial institutions.