Transport and logistics

Before an increasingly demanding user, optimized logistics allows offer all kinds of products and services on time and competitive price.


Transport and logistics

Logistics becomes more of a fundamental element for users who are ever more demanding in the face of the wide range available. Here we see the importance of offering every type of product and service in competitive time-frames and at competitive prices.

In the present market, companies in the sector have to face up to a new market situation. On the one hand, globalisation is decentralising production processes all over the planet. Companies are also concentrating on the production of added value and are outsourcing non-core functions to specialised firms, such as transport and logistics to reduce the complexity of business models. In the mean time, transport companies wishing to accept this challenge have to optimise the management of their fleets to minimise the effects imposed by fuel prices and streamline their organisation and processes.

Luckily, technological advances in information and communications, such as integrated tracing systems and RDFIs permit improved coordination in the supply chain.

Changes in consumer habits and the fact that they are ever more demanding and have greater powers of decision oblige companies to be quicker and more flexible than ever in the whole supply chain as well as being more sensitive to environmental issues such as reducing packaging materials, storage times and resource consumption.

Our strategic consulting experience in companies in the transport sector means that Foqus can offer solutions in various knowledge areas:

Improve and optimise Supply Chain processes.

Develop safety procedures as a fundamental element of development in ports, airports, etc.

Innovative logistics solutions which take advantage of all the existing infrastructures: a wide availability of air freight, the speed of rail freight, the flexibility for haulage and the relatively low costs of maritime transport.