Telecommunications, media and technology

Telecommunications and technology: highly specialized and a broader offer of outsourcing services.


Telecommunications, media and technology

One of the areas offering the widest range of outsourcing services both on-shore and off-shore in Spain is that of highly specialised telecommunications and technology aimed at businesses. They become partners rather than suppliers, taking part in the efficiency and productivity of their clients and generating technological alliances between manufacturers and integrators. All this demands flexibility and innovation from the companies to improve their productivity, invest in training plans, get to know new markets and reduce costs in technological processes so as to add value added components to them.

This is not straightforward for many companies and they need professional help to focus their strategies and processes. At Foqus we have had the chance to work in different fields with technology firms, especially those in IT (TIC) which enables us to make assessments and bring added value to these companies in different managerial areas:


Defining company strategy together through market analysis, finding technological partners to make the activity international, identifying markets and business opportunities as well as advising on mergers and acquisitions to identify synergies.


Implanting the right efficiency and control models for the business to aim for excellence.

Marketing and sales

Supporting the sales force for efficient management of the sales process and implanting management models to ensure a return on expenditure

Human Resources

Working with specialised HR firms to implant training strategies, career plans and salary models to maximise team commitment and motivation while maintaining competitive cost levels.


Advice on organisational models in line with company strategy and providing support on company strategy and giving support on change management.