Mass consumer sector

Flexible companies adapt its strategy and operations to changes in demand and distribution.


Mass consumer sector

Given that the social and demographic changes as well as those of the habits of the general public have the greatest influence on companies working with the mass consumer sector, these companies have to be flexible enough to mould their production to the changes in consumer demand.

In the present-day market context, the companies dealing in mass consumer products have to focus on aspects such as innovation, not only in products but also in the creation processes. So the manufacturers of food, drinks and cosmetics, when they optimise the said processes, can improve profitability and sustain growth. In the mean time, distribution continues to be one of the keys to success in the sector, where there is stiff competition obliging both manufacturers and retailers to work hard, to get optimum value from their business. From there comes the importance of optimising the HoReCa channels and to exploit any other distribution channel allowing them to improve their margins and maintain growth. In brief: markets evolve and the companies that know how to adapt, optimising their value chain to the maximum are those that minimise their errors.

Our experience collaborating with companies in this sector allows us to give an impulse to the creation of value in this type of company and in differing business areas.


Focusing resources and in the products and services with the most added value, taking advantage of market opportunities, company strengths and sectoral weaknesses.


Improving processes and manufacturing and planning operations as well as making inventories and logistics to become more competitive.

Marketing and sales

Studying actions to maximise the extraction of value from each client, maximising profitability per client, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the sales force to improve the return on sales costs.


Adapting the organisation to the strategic priorities of the business.