Consolidation in Industry goes through providing more competitiveness and reduce impacts on operating margins.



The present state of Spanish industry requires us to maintain profitability optimising resources and assets and searching for new areas of opportunity in other markets. The consolidation processes in industry should thus make the company more competitive and avoid strong impact on operational margins due to increased prices of base materials, energy and salary costs.

In this context the industries must pay attention to questions that make a big impact on their balance sheets such as the search for new markets and opportunities to keep up the business volume, efficient energy, raw materials and stocks management, to minimise liabilities, search for productivity and to optimise distribution costs without altering the time-to-market.

Foqus has been collaborating with industries in different sectors (food, furniture, transformation of raw materials, recycling, etc.) for several years. This accumulated experience both in the sector and in management consulting allows us to be able to advise our clients in different fields of management.


Renewal of implanted models for continuous improvement: Lean Management / Six Sigma and PDCA control cycles.

Stock Control

Establish control and management models to minimise financial and liability costs.


Analysis and design of cost and delivery-time efficient models, elimination of dead time and redundancies.

Supply chain management (SCM)

Implantation of planning models, to adjust variable costs in manufacturing, as well as reducing process lead times.


Assessment in the conception and execution of consolidation, inorganic growth, pre-acquisition and post-acquisition plans.


Adjustment of company resources and assets in the short term and strategic plans.

Marketing and sales

Analysis of the product portfolio and design of control processes for sales plans and help to manage the sales force.