Health and biotechnology

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors.


Without a doubt, one sector in continuous growth is the health sector, due mainly to the heavy investments made by the firms to improve their offer, infrastructures and innovation. Many hospitals and clinics, however, need to improve the management of their operations and internal structure.

In our experience advising companies specialising in health, we work as much on strategy as operations. Optimising processes involved in each allows these companies to improve their results, as well as gaining in efficiency and service quality.

The biotechnological sector is the cutting edge of the health sector, as it is one of the most active areas in terms of investment, especially in Venture Capital firms.

It is a young and immature industry, but remains a sector which is highly attractive, which is the reason for the financial activity going on in the sector. The attraction stems substantially from the high levels of growth it underwent in the years prior to the economic downturn, especially on the Spanish stage.
At present the Spanish market is still embryonic and we can find firms that act in different sub-sectors within that of biotechnology but we do not find a clear position for these companies. Biomedicine, however, represents 75% of the sector volume and nearly 40% of the companies within the sector centre on human health.

To this we have to add that it is a sector which, thanks to its high expenditure in I+D+i receives, traditionally, a lot of EU and Spanish funding fundamentally for working in human health.

As a green industry, it faces an intense list of challenges. The most immediate are those relating to having a clear view of the business and the search for liquidity. Others relate to the need to forge a credible image to ease private financing, to enjoy a human team with experience and specific training, dedicated to research and management and preparing the leap into becoming international.

We work with different companies in the biotechnology sector, providing our experience and helping companies to establish an attractive strategy focussed on the search for new investment.


Making studies of the market and the competition to establish a competitive sector map to detect new opportunities or establish strategic alliances. We work towards finding funding sources through business plans, sales sheets as well as obtaining information on possible grants which may be available.


Advice on sales planning and in cash flow to minimise cash needs.

Sales and marketing

Helping to find a clear position in the market and to have a specialised sales force available with clear objectives.