Agriculture and fisheries

The agriculture, livestock and fisheries are in an increasingly more global, professional and competitive landscape.



Specialisation which has been apparent in the agricultural sector is not on its own a sufficient measure to contain the action of intermediaries but there is also the reduction in EU aid and the repositioning of other countries which are able to produce at low cost. Firms in this sector have to revise their processes, search for new opportunities and improve their strategy to become more competitive and efficient.

Foqus has been working for some time with companies in agriculture, advising them on how to improve their business, doing market studies and consumer analysis (wood, hops, vegetables, etc.) We have prepared projects to increase the professionalism of employees, making changes in the production strategy, optimising sales plans and reorganising companies. The most important aspect is that we have helped these clients to improve their results.


Population increase and an increase in fish consumption coupled with a progressive reduction in the amount of available fish in natural habitats has led to an increase in fish-farms. If the star product on the Spanish market is bream, the main threat, as in other sectors is from the prices offered by countries such as Greece and Turkey.

Foqus is aware of the fact that fish-farms have clear potential for success for firms that can assimilate elements that mark the difference such as scale economy production, error reduction techniques based on sector know-how and systematising stock control.

Our experience as consultants with companies in this sector has allowed us to help these companies improve their value chain. We also improve company processes and operations to make them more competitive. As strategic consultants we have made analyses of company positions, supporting the build-up processes and advising on fund searching. As marketing and sales consultants we do our best to maximise client profitability helping him to identify the right balance of product/channel/market for him as well as establishing price pins to guarantee at least minimal profitability.