Sectorial knowledge

Our customers operate in different sectors and to value each strategic convenience and cost associated with your project solution.


Venture Capital

Venture Capital and Family Office firms face stiff challenges so those that turn to expert help will stand out. Read more

Agriculture and fisheries

Specialisation which has been apparent in the agricultural sector is not on its own a sufficient measure to contain the action of intermediaries. Read more


The slow-down in the building sector along have caused the sector to come to a virtual standstill as far as construction is concerned, even for industry. Read more

Mass Consumer Sector

These companies have to be flexible enough to mould their production to the changes in consumer demand. Read more


Industries must pay attention to questions that make a big impact on their balance sheets such as the search for new markets and opportunities to keep up the business volume. Read more

The environment

Lots of companies in different sectors have begun to realise the strategic importance of their environmental policies, due fundamentally to the political, social and economic changes. Read more


The services sector is the largest within the group of productive sectors, as much in Spain as in the rest of the developed world in so far as it’s contribution to the GDP and employment is concerned. Read more

Health and biotechnology

A sector in continuous growth is the health sector, due mainly to the heavy investments made by the firms to improve their offer, infrastructures and innovation. Read more

Telecommunications, media and technology

One of the areas offering the widest range of outsourcing services both on-shore and off-shore in Spain is that of highly specialised telecommunications and technology aimed at businesses. Read more

Transport and logistics

Logistics becomes more of a fundamental element for users who are ever more demanding in the face of the wide range available. Read more