Strategic consulting
and operations

We deliver results by offering a comprehensive and high quality service.


Strategic consulting

At Foqus we help our clients identify short, medium and long term objectives which will really create value for the firm and translate into solid, quantifiable results. Read more


Foqus develops all the consulting operations for the firm to optimise the whole of the company’s value chain: sourcing and procurement, production, global distribution and logistics. Read more

Marketing and commercial

At Foqus we integrate the marketing tools within the company strategy and processes. Read more

Organisation and people

We help our clients get the best results by ensuring they have the best possible organisation. Read more

Corporate finance

At Foqus we define the operational strategy by basing it on knowledge of the company, the market and the options available. Read more

Company restructuring

We revise all the strategic and operative aspects to identify levers which could be having a negative effect on the company accounts. Read more

Economic impact studies

We assess companies using an Economic Impact Study which gives a clear image, which is accurate, of the foreseeable economic impact a specific course of action may have on a specific geographical area. Read more